UFISHPRO guarantees all of the products it distributes according to the laws in effect and the following conditions. The consumer may contact the Shop, which will address non-conformities that may arise within a period of two years from the delivery date. If a defect is discovered during the first 6 months following delivery, the anomaly will be presumed to have already existed when the item was purchased, unless there is proof to the contrary.

However, when a non-conformity arises after 6 months have passed, or in dubious cases, the Shop may request an independent expert report to process the warrantee. In obvious cases of improper or irregular functionality within the warrantee period, the problem will be resolved without issue.

Shipping costs associated with the product’s warrantee will be UFISHPRO’s responsibility in cases where the goods acquired present a lack of conformity. This should always be done by following the instructions that the Shop indicates, with prior request and acceptance granted.

The Client may lodge a complaint when the product does not comply with the contract:

• The goods acquired do not fit the description presented by the Shop.

• The goods do not present the expected level of quality or performance, particularly as a result of public statements (advertising, brochures, labelling, etc.) made by the Shop or manufacturer on the goods’ particular characteristics.

The Client has a right to:

• Replace it. The Client may opt to repair or replace the item, unless one of the two options is impossible or unreasonable. Whichever option has a higher cost will be considered unreasonable. Both repair and replacement must be carried out in a reasonable amount of time, and must be completely free of charge for the Client.

• Discount the price or terminate the contract. This will occur when the Client is unable to demand replacement, and in cases where it would not have been carried out in a reasonable amount of time, or without greater inconvenience to the Client. The contract will not be terminated when the non-conformity is of minor importance.

Voided warrantee. The following causes will void the warrantee:

• The Client’s improper use, handling, or maintenance.

• Components that are broken or damaged due to impact.
In no case will damaged materials or materials showing signs of improper use be accepted.

What the warranty does not cover.

The warranty does not cover defects caused by incorrect product use. In these cases, the consumer will be responsible for its repair. Therefore, the following are excluded from the warrantee:
• Defects or wear caused by external events, accidents, wear, or use other than that according to the Shop’s instructions.

• Products that are modified or repaired by the Client, or any other party that is not authorized by the Shop.
These warrantee terms do not affect the Clients statutory rights protected by applicable law. In addition, the warrantee will address product manufacturing flaws and latent flaws according to article 1490 of the CC.

Replacement of Product under warrantee.

The following are the instructions for sending your product for replacement when it is covered by the warrantee:
1. Prepare the duly protected product in its original packaging (or packaging with similar characteristics).
2. Include the purchase invoice and delivery note in the package. You can request a copy of the invoice through the contact form or by writing to info@www.ufishpro.com
3. Indicate your first and last name as the sender (which should be visible).
4. Send the package to the following address:
UFISHPRO, Paseo Mikeletegi 83, 1º local 5, C.P 20009 Donostia-San Sebastián (Spain)
Tel: (+34) 943 142 736