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Get the most efficiency out of your day fishing from a boat or kayak. UFISHPRO’s chum dispenser helps you maximize your opportunities by attracting fish to your tackle.

59,95 VAT included


Capsules UFISHPRO*

Quickly and cleanly load your environmentally-friendly chum dispenser with the highest quality salted fish paste

The pod begins to dissolve in less than 5 minutes, releasing enticing fish paste without bait being lost while the chum dispenser is being lowered.

*Water-soluble and made with environmentally-friendly materials.
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The definitive solution to increase your sea fishing catches.

Fishing with the UFISHPRO chum dispenser increases your chances of a catch thanks to its dispensing system and weighting options. This innovative product adapts to all types of swells and waves, different types of pastes, and preferences when it comes to chumming.

Bait is constant and adjustable, and is dispensed automatically right next to your tackle. With its clean and easily handling, this chum dispenser’s versatility helps every fisherman get the most out of their day out on the water, right from the start.

Ideal for boat fishing, kayak fishing, and much more

UFISHPRO’s chum dispenser lets you control the constant flow of lure paste to attract fish to your tackle more efficiently, improving your recreational fishing experience from the start.

The chum dispenser’s release system produces a cloud that attracts a greater number of fish. Its even, constant, and controlled bait dispensing helps you optimize your paste usage and save money.

No matter what fishing technique you use, UFISHPRO is the perfect addition to your fishing gear.

Get the most out of your boat fishing day

Adjustable chum dispensing

The chum bucket lets you regulate chum dispensing, from totally closed to completely open, so that you can adapt to changing currents and wave conditions on your day out fishing.

Adapted to different types of tides

To ensure you’re chumming right where you want, right next to your tackle, you can add weight in two ways:
For weak and moderate currents, place your weights in the bottom compartment, and for stronger currents, you can hang more weight from the ring.

Automatic and continuous chumming

Thanks to the plunger found within, the chum pot harnesses wave movement to ensure paste dispensing is constant and even. You add the weight, and the waves do the rest!

Clean handling

The chum dispenser offers clean handling thanks to its ability to be completely closed. You can fill it up easily before use without making a mess, ensuring that the paste ends up in the water, and not on your deck. Thanks to its ingenious design, the chum dispenser also comes out of the water clean and ready to be stored for your next day out fishing.

Product details

  • Height: 36cm
  • Diameter: 13cm
  • Material: Polypropylene and stainless steel 316
  • Weight: 950g
  • Color: RAL 3000


How do you use the UFISHPRO chum dispenser?

  • 1. Remove the lower cap (1) and put weights* in the compartment provided or, if there are strong currents, hang weights* from the ring (2).
  • 2. Unscrew the top cap (7) to remove the plunger (8).
  • 3. Open the closable container’s cap (4), put in the weights*, and close it.
  • 4. Fill the inner compartment with chum (9).
  • 5. Make sure the top cap is properly closed (7).
  • 6. Attach one end of the string* to the chum dispenser’s eyebolt (6) and the other end of the string to one side of the boat. Attention! It is recommended NOT to use carabiners, as they can be opened and make chum pot lose.
  • 7. Use the adjustment lever (10) to set the desired opening (3). It is recommended to move the levers simultaneously.
  • 8. Drop the chum dispenser into the water, and lower it to the same depth as the hooks.
  • * Weights, lead, and rope not included.


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Frequently asked questions


When you head out fishing, the idea is to make the most of your time and head back to dock with a day’s haul you can be proud of.

But the sea is expansive, and when fishing from a boat, it can be hard to attract the attention of only the catches you want with the bait on your hooks. That is why it is common to use the chumming technique to attract fish.

Two components are used for chumming: a chum dispenser, and the lure chum that is placed inside. Oil diffuses minced fish from the paste and attracts the attention of fish, which are capable of detecting scents and flavors though particles that are dissolved in water, even from a great distance.

The chum dispenser is hung from the boat right next to our tackle at the depth where the species we want to capture swims. Lure chum is diffused to produce a cloud of particles that lures the species we want, as well as small feeding bait fish that attract larger predators.


UFISHPRO's innovative pods are the perfect addition when filling your chum dispenser. The pods are made of a water-soluble material that is environmentally safe, and designed to fit perfectly into the UFISHPRO chum dispenser to get the most out of your bait. The pod begins to dissolve and release the paste in less than 5 minutes, so you won't waste anything while the chum dispenser is being lowered to its desired depth. It's so easy to use — just pop in the pod, and you're done!

Unlike other chumming systems, the UFISHPRO chum dispenser helps save lure paste, which means major savings over the course of the year. Homemade chum dispensers or other types of devices waste paste even before they're placed near hooks. With these tests, we have proven that a single load can last practically all morning, with two major perks: not having to constantly raise and lower the chum dispenser, and economic savings in paste that can really add up by the end of the year.

If your boat has a fishfinder, you can check that the chum dispenser is still chumming, or if the bait has run out.

Cleaning and maintenance

In order for your chum dispenser to last as long as possible, you should try not to lose it in the water and treat it with care. The chum dispenser is designed and manufactured with materials that make it a highly resilient product, but you should always help ensure it stays that way by taking a few pieces of advice:

Make sure the top cap is properly closed. Always keep the top cap’s screw clean and ensure it is properly closed before placing the chum dispenser in the water.

This way, you won’t lose it. The screw top can be a little difficult, but this helps ensure that it does not come off underwater.

Make sure that the chum dispenser does not hit bottom or get snagged. The material is highly resilient, but it is better not to knock it against rocks so that its functionality is not altered.

Clean it well before storing. When you take the chum dispenser out of the water, check to see if there is still paste inside, and extract the remaining chum to use another day. Then, place the chum dispenser in the water, hold the rod tightly by the end of the eyebolt, and shake it on the surface to help clear any remains. Just like you would with any of your other fishing equipment (rods, reels, etc.), rinse the chum dispenser with fresh water before storing it.

Using the chum dispenser

The chum dispenser has been designed with different ways of adding weight so that you can adjust chumming to your day’s conditions, such as varying tides and waves, or the location where you are fishing.

Adding weights to the plunger container is important to ensure that the chum dispenser stays in place under the boat, and so the piston works properly to automatically push out a constant stream of paste without clumping.

Lead weights can be added to, or removed from the lower cap (remember to store it properly so that it is not lost), and weights can also be hung from the lower ring. That will depend on your needs and preferences.

You can store weights in the interior container and lower cap until your next outing.

The best option is to hang the chum dispenser from the port or starboard side. Make sure to use a rope that is not too thick, attached to the upper eyebolt on one end and the boat on the other in order to keep the chum dispenser from being dragged away from your tackle.

Be careful when casting your tackle so that your line does not become entangled with the chum dispenser rope.

The chum dispenser has two levers that can be operated with both hands.

Position 0: the chum dispenser’s side slots are completely closed for clean filling. Once filled with paste and attached to the side of the boat, you can select your desired settings and drop the chum dispenser into the water.

Positions 1 through 3: select the setting that best fits your way of chumming, whether you prefer less chum over a longer period of time, or if you want to chum quickly. Test out the options and place the levers to your liking.

The movement of the waves is used to ensure the paste flows out constantly, evenly, and automatically. This is achieved thanks to the plunger found within the chum dispenser.

The plunger rises and falls as water flows in and out, causing a suction effect that moves the paste through the interior that keeps it from compacting or solidifying, and helps with dispensing.

Paste does not begin to come out until the chum dispenser is set at the desired depth, which saves wasted chum on the way down. Once attached to the boat, the plunger begins to move, pulverizing the paste so that the cloud of chum particles expands out further, and increases your chances of reaching more prey.


Cleanly, quickly, and easily load your environmentally-friendly chum dispenser.

Increase efficiency, speed, and ease with the new UFISHPRO fish paste pods. Made with the highest quality salted fish paste and designed to fit perfectly with the UFISHPRO chum dispenser, the pod's practical packaging means you can do away with buckets and spatulas, as well as the mess of making your own paste.

UFISHPRO pods are water-soluble and environmentally-friendly, because they are made from materials that won't pollute the sea. We take care of what we love!

Quickly and cleanly load your environmentally-friendly chum dispenser with the highest-quality salted fish paste. A new UFISHPRO fishing tackle innovation.

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