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Cleanly, quickly, and easily load your environmentally-friendly UFISHPRO chum dispenser with the highest-quality fish paste. Forget about the smell, messy buckets and spatulas, or the inconvenience of having to make your own paste. Specially designed for fishing with the UFISHPRO chum dispenser.
Water-soluble and environmentally-friendly*, these pods are designed to fit perfectly into the UFISHPRO chum dispenser so you can get the most out of your paste. The pod begins to dissolve and release the paste in less than 5 minutes, so you won’t waste anything while the chum dispenser is being lowered to its desired depth.
Enticing ground anchovy makes this paste perfect for attracting any kind of species: squid, tuna, and other predators…
Clean and easy. Just pop the pod inside the chum dispenser, and you’re done!

*NOTE: Due to their composition and eco-design, UFISHPRO pods may have small amounts of liquid on their surface (a type of “sweating”) or salt stains. This is not a defect, and is in fact perfectly normal due to the product’s biodegradable nature and natural components with a high salt content.

Unfit for human consumption.
The product’s appearance my differ slightly from the images shown.

19,5031,25 VAT included


Still don't have your UFISHPRO chum dispenser?

Don´t wait for fish to find you. Tell them where you are!

Round out your fishing gear with the ultimate chum dispenser and get the most out of your fishing day.

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Highly enticing at sea

Maximize your chances with the highest quality salted fish paste, without having to store it in a cooler. Store in a cool, dry place.

Increase boat fishing speed and ease

Designed to fit perfectly into the UFISHPRO chum dispenser, the practical packaging of these pods does away with the inconvenience of using a bucket and spatula, or making your own paste.

Zero pollution

UFISHPRO pods are water-soluble and environmentally-friendly because they are made from materials that won’t pollute the sea. Plus, they help to avoid using plastic buckets.

Totally clean

With UFISHPRO pods, you can keep the deck clean and save time, so you can spend it doing what you really care about: snagging a bite!


All UFISHPRO pod components are water-soluble and environmentally-friendly.


  • The highest quality, extremely enticing salted fish paste.


  • Height: Approximately 25 cm.
  • Width: Approximately 11 cm.
  • Weight: Approximately 1 kg.


  • Simply insert the pod into your UFISHPRO chum dispenser, and use it as normal.
  • Thanks to the pod format, you can use 1 or 2 simultaneously. If you are heading out to enjoy a full day, you can load two pods into the chum dispenser so you don’t have to hoist it back up.
  • The paste will continue to be dispensed according to the chumming setting you choose (1, 2, or 3) and the weight you add to the interior piston.
  • No pod residue will remain once the paste is gone, because all of the components are water-soluble as well as environmentally-friendly. With a quick rinse, your UFISHPRO chum dispenser will be ready for your next day out.


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Frequently asked questions


Its high attractiveness, an exact dosage and its clean handling are the great advantages of UFISHPRO capsules. With them you avoid having to knead flour or crush fish. In addition, with our capsules, from UFISHPRO we contribute to eliminate single-use plastics that can reach the sea, since all its ingredients are natural and biodegradable.

Its use is very simple, you just have to insert the capsule inside the chum dispenser, and that's it!

The capsules are made with natural water-soluble and environmentally friendly materials, and stuffed with highest quality salted anchovy paste.

The duration of each capsule can vary between approximately 2 and 4 hours, and depends on the mode of use of the UFISHPRO chum dispenser, in particular on the opening and plummet decisions.

Five minutes after entering the water the capsule begins to dissolve progressively. In the end it disappears in its entirety, leaving the chum dispenser clean and ready for a new use.

Enticing ground anchovy, the main ingredient in fish paste in UFISHPRO capsules, makes this paste perfect for attracting any kind of species: squid, tuna, and other predators…

Although the capsules have been specifically designed for the dimensions of the UFISHPRO chum dispenser, they can be used in other chum dispenser as long as their format is compatible with the capsule.

No, they have to be kept in a dry, cool place.


Chum dispenser UFISHPRO

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  • Adjustable chum dispensing
  • Constant and automatic chumming
  • Near your hooks.
  • Now the highest quality fish paste comes in water-soluble pods!

Adaptability, clean handling and saving chum in one product.

Round out your fishing gear with the ultimate chum dispenser UFISHPRO and get the most out of your fishing day.

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