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“An essential chum bucket
for kayak fishing"


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At UFISHPRO we create solutions to improve saltwater fishing

We are anglers, innovating for anglers

Chumming for tuna fishing with the chum dispenser.

UFISHPRO new chum dispenser

The UFISHPRO chum dispenser is what your fishing gear lacked to make your fishing day a true success of catches.

Attract more fish right up to your hooks and enhance your ability to make a catch.

Now only!



Nuevo cebador UFISHPRO

Maximum efficiency

Get the most out of your boat fishing day

Automatic and continuous chumming - Cebador UFISHPRO

Automatic and continuous chumming

Thanks to the plunger found within, the chum dispenser harnesses wave movement to ensure paste dispensing is constant and even. You add the weight, and the waves do the rest!
Clean handling - Cebador UFISHPRO

Clean handling

The chum dispenser offers clean handling thanks to its ability to be completely closed. You can fill it up easily before use without making a mess, ensuring that the paste ends up in the water, and not on your deck. Thanks to its ingenious design, the chum dispenser also comes out of the water clean and ready to be stored for your next day out fishing.
Adjustable paste dispensing - Cebador UFISHPRO

Adjustable paste dispensing

The chum dispenser lets you regulate paste dispensing, from totally closed to completely open, so that you can adapt to changing currents and wave conditions on your day out fishing.
Adapted to different types of tides - Cebador UFISHPRO

Adapted to different types of tides

To ensure you’re chumming right where you want, right next to your tackle, you can add weight in two ways: For weak and moderate currents, place your weights in the bottom compartment, and for stronger currents, you can hang more weight from the ring.


Cleanly, quickly, and easily load your environmentally-friendly chum dispenser.

Increase efficiency, speed, and ease with the new UFISHPRO paste pods. Made with the highest quality salted fish paste and designed to fit perfectly with the UFISHPRO chum dispenser, the pod’s practical packaging means you can do away with buckets and spatulas, as well as the mess of making your own paste.

UFISHPRO pods are water-soluble and environmentally-friendly, because they are made from materials that won’t pollute the sea. We take care of what we love!

Quickly and cleanly load your environmentally-friendly chum dispenser with the highest-quality salted fish paste.

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How improve fishing from boat with UFISHPRO chum dispenser

Do you enjoy boat fishing, kayak fishing, or squid fishing? Are you a fan of big-game tuna fishing or bottom fishing? Get even more out of your day fishing with a one-of-a-kind CHUM DISPENSER.

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